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Welcome to Embassy Emeralds

Embassy Emeralds is an online loose emerald and emerald jewelry dealer bringing you our collection of fine Colombian loose emeralds and emerald jewelry at reasonable prices. We know you'll fall in love with the elegant and beautiful Colombian emeralds found herein. You are invited to use the informational areas of our site to learn why Colombian emeralds are considered the world’s finest, but also to help you make the best choices possible when choosing which loose emerald or emerald jewelry to purchase.

We put great emphasis on the quality of our merchandise and service. We want to give you the very best possible of both. If you cannot find the loose emerald or fine jewelry items you seek, we ask you to let us know about it. We have easy access to thousands of emeralds of any quality, loose diamonds, and other gemstones. We’ll quickly respond to any question, comment, or request you may have, so please email us at




Emerald Collection
B18 Oval Cut 0.54 cts
X14 Emerald Cut Emerald 0.96cts Certified
S26 Oval Cut Emerald 0.57cts Certified UNTREATED
R21 Emerald Cut Emerald 0.45cts
0.60 ct Emerald Cut Solitare Ring in 18kt White Gold
0.35ct Oval Cut Emerald Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold
M03 Marquis Cut 1.41 cts
X07 Heart Cut Emerald 7.39cts Certified UNTREATED
R19 Emerald Cut Emerald 0.47cts
X25 Pear Cut Emerald 0.18cts
X22 Emerald Cut Emerald 0.22cts
1.30 tcw Round Cut Emerald Post Earrings in 18kt Yellow Gold
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