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Colombian Emeralds

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Cedarwood Oil

Many centuries ago, the Greeks began using colorless oils to improve the appearance of emeralds taken from Egypt. The oil would fill in the natural cracks and fissures within the stone improving how light may pass through the stone. The practice is still extremely common today. In fact, it is the most widely practiced and accepted method of emerald treatment.

Today, mostly natural, colorless cedarwood oil is used and has been for the past four decades. It is not permanent, but it is rather stable. Over time, some oil may gradually evaporate or 'leak' from the stone. When this happens to lightly oiled stones, the change in appearance will not be significant or even noticeable, but may be on those that are more heavily treated. Keep in mind that we are not talking about months or even a few years, but likely over a decade or more.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners and harsh solvents will also remove cedar oil treatments and perhaps other types of treatments as well. These cleaners should never be used on emeralds. If a stone loses its oil enhancement, most can be retreated.


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