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Colombian Emeralds

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Chromium is the 24th element on the periodic table symbolized by the letters "Cr".

First isolated in the last years of the 1700's by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin, a french pharmacist and chemist. In addition, he was also able to identify the presence of chromium in precious gemstones, such as ruby and emerald.

Chromium is a key player in both the natural and synthetic production of color, being primarily responsible for giving rubies their reddish color. Certain compounds of chromium are also used in the product of yellow pigment, which in turn can be used along with other compounds to produce an entire spectrum of colors.

Along with several other compounds such as beryllium? and vanadium, chromium assists in defining the minerals characteristic green color, and specific variations in the quantities can determine the specific shade, such as the pale green colors found in India and Australia on one end of the spectrum, and the deeper, often blueish-green gemstones found in Colombia.

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