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Emerald Dagger of Topkapi

The Topkapi dagger is a long dagger, 35 centemeters in length, given as a gift from the Shah Nadir to the Sultan Mahmud I of Turkey along with an embassy and many other treasures. The object consists of three large cabochon emeralds in the hilt and another large emerald that covers a watch hidden in the base. The emeralds are surounded by diamonds and gold. The sheath, also made of gold, bares yet another large emerald at it's upturned end.

The dagger currently resides in the second chamber of the Treasury, a museum and part of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, along with many other daggers of a similar nature.

The dagger is the subject of the movie "The Emerald Dagger" a 1964 film by Jules Dassin and Filmways Pictures, which in turn was the inspiration for the TV series, "Mission: Impossible". The film centers around a small-time conman who gets mixed up with high class jewelry thieves involved in a plot to rob the Topkapi museum. A remake entitled The Topkapi Affair starring Pierce Brosnan has been announced and is scheduled for release in 2007. The Topkapi Affair will be a sequel to the 1999 remake, The Thomas Crown Affair.


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