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Colombian Emeralds

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The Emerald Encyclopedia

Welcome to Encyclopedia of Emeralds

Embassy Emeralds is proud to present the Emerald Encyclopedia, a compendium of information related to the emerald gemstone. It is our hope that perusing this guide, you will obtain better insight, and prepare you to make more informed decisions. Nowhere else will you find such a wide variety of information all in one place. The Index of Articles contains a concise list of all articles present in The Emerald Encyclopedia.

The history of emeralds is a long and intriguing one.

It’s undisputed that the highest quality emeralds come from Colombia, but you might be interested to know that emerald mines exist all over the world, such as in Brazil, Ukraine, and in North Carolina in the United States. After mining, emeralds can be cut into a variety of popular shapes such as emerald cut and cabochons, but are sometimes left in their Matrix for an equally dramatic effect.

There are a number of famous emeralds that have achieved notoriety, such as the Isabella Emerald and Mogul Emerald, or integrated in to national treasures, such as the Emerald Dagger of Topkapi.

Most emeralds are enhanced in some form, often through the use of application of treatments. Some are common and naturally improve the stone such as the infusion of Cedarwood Oil, while others are less common and discouraged, such as OptiCon.

In the News

A longstanding legal battle over sunken treasure appears to be no closer to resolution after the Colombian Supreme Court ruled that the estimated two billion dollars worth of treasure aboard the Spanish galleon, San José... Read More

Did you know…

  • ...there is a baseball team in Oregon called the Eugene Emeralds?
  • ...that gemologist can use a tool called a Chelsea Filter to quickly separate real emeralds from emerald simulants?
  • ...the elemental materials iron?, vanadium, and Chromium are responsible for giving emeralds their characteristic blue-green color?
  • ...the unique trapiche emerald is named after the Spanish term for the grinding wheel used in sugarcane production?
  • ...the characteristic pattern of inclusions viewable through an emeralds pavilion is referred to as its garden?

About Embassy Emeralds

Embassy Emeralds was founded in 2005 with the goal of building a successful business by bringing high quality Colombian emeralds at good prices to those who share the same appreciation for these captivating green treasures.

The vision for Embassy Emeralds is simple. We intend to become your trusted source for Colombian emeralds. Quality stones, pricing, service, and attention to the customer will be the things you remember about your buying experience with us and we will do everything necessary to ensure that this is the case. We buy only high quality emeralds in Colombia and only from reputable sources and personally handpick each stone to ensure each one measures up to the highest standards of quality.


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