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Colombian Emeralds

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The Great Globe

The Great Globe Where many famous emeralds stand out due to their exceptional size or quality, the Great Globe stands alone in the shear number of emeralds that make up the

Standing at over 3.5 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter, the base of the globe is made from wood, and covered in over 75 pounds of gold. The entire surface is then cover with over 51,000 gemstones. The seas are made from polished emeralds up to 175 carats in size, while the land masses are constructed from diamonds, spinels, and rubies.

It is said that the globe was commissioned by the Nasser-ud Din Shah in the 19th century as a means to keep track of the large number of loose stones in the collection.

Worth remembering is that The Great Globe is only one object in a massive collection of gemstones and jewelry belonging to the Iranian National Treasury. Along side this magnificent object are a number of crowns, tiaras, and other accouterments, many including emeralds of significant size.


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